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Words of Emotion


strawberry and almond oat crumble.

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Hideaki Hamada

1. Into the Wild

2. Preschool

3. Summer Holiday

4. My Town

5. Untitled

6. Untitled

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Winter is coming, Iceland (by Jan Erik Waider)

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by jens b.

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Mama Don’t Allow

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Morning tumblr

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I apologize I have not been posting regularly here and hopefully that will change soon

But in the mean time I have been busy working and protesting with the rest of the Ferguson, MO community on the mike brown situation.

I’ll share with you a few things to clear up the air since this in part of my home town and hits very close to home not just five minutes away.

Just last night I was involved in a peaceful protest only to be blocked off at both ends of the street and along with myself and 200+ other, including children were tear gassed and shot with rubber and wooden bullets and many arrested.

I am friends with the lady who is the prosecutor attorney, and even she feels unsafe being involved, but there are about three different untrue stories I’ve heard about how mike brown died but the truth is that he was shot on his knees with his hands up. Not because he went after a police officers gun. And as far as this racist stuff goes, of course there will always be racism and there is a lot of that hear, hell I’ve been pulled over just by walking down the street plenty of times before with no reason at all, how can you pull someone over who’s walking? But bringing in the kkk and black panther groups to door steps in ferguson can only make matters worse and some don’t see that.

But I’ll keep everyone posted.

Peace and love ✌️


Make Your Way by Tyler Forest-Hauser

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