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These eggs are just our cup of tea.

Read more: How to Make Street-Style Chinese Eggs at Home on Food52.

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Eagle Creek Trail, Oregon.

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Anonymous asked: Whats your natural hair color?

Really dark brown.

So dark brown that it only looks brown when it’s directly in sunlight


Anonymous asked: I love your blog.!!

Really appreciate it love

Anonymous asked: Do you belong to any religion?

That’s a touchy subject for me,

But if this answers anything about what goes trough my head when being asked that it’s that:
1. My family is entirely religious, so is my mother, but I was fortunate enough to have a mother who didn’t push religion on me and opened me up to other things such as quantum theory, being agnostic etc etc etc.

So even though I am 19 and have my entire life to think of this I have so many unanswered questions that I have no idea what to believe. But one day I will..



Succulents (cupcakes)

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Wise wapiti by Maxime Plantady via 500px.

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Anonymous asked: Are you into only girls?

I enjoy all humans my friend.